The Farm Life

Our family's choice to take the path less traveled

Oh summer. You finally arrive just in the nick of time. (at The Farm on Kenyon Road)

Look who I’m with at a rocking wedding reception! @cynthia_aryn just biding our time before they open up the dance floor.  (at Columbus Museum of Art)
Just another Saturday morning.  (at The Farm on Kenyon Road)
Local BLTs. 4-H bacon, The Farm tomatoes & lettuce and @sarahbethballmer’s seriously awesome sourdough bread.  (at The Farm on Kenyon Road)
Sweet corn in the canner and tomatoes in the sink. It’s a great day to put some summer up for the winter. #becauseican
Hanging out at the Ohio Junior Rodeo in Urbana, Ohio. Autumn says this is heaven.  (at Ohio Junior Rodeo)

CSA magic. If I only knew how to put music to this 🎶🌽

Sweet corn. In the market. Today.  (at The Farm)
Pulling all of the basil today. Downy mildew is everywhere on our farm.  (at The Farm)
Success! They camped out all night on their own and got the fire going from the coals for breakfast. Will is currently scrambling eggs to cook the way his dad showed him this week when they slept out on the river bank. And I am having the best cup of coffee I have had all summer I think.  (at The Farm)