The Farm Life

Our family's choice to take the path less traveled

It’s a hard day for Will. We are butchering the last of the 4-H broilers. I’ve stressed to all the kids that our role as farmers is to give the animals in our care a good life and a good death.   (at The Farm)
This is where I’ll be spending the next few days of cool weather with Chris LeDoux to keep me company.  (at The Farm)
He’s got his cowboy legs on.  (at Knox County Fair Grounds)
Spa day.   (at Knox County Fair)
Taking a break from all our fair fun and we are home pitting sweet cherries. These sweet cherries are headed for the dehydrator.  (at The Farm)
Grace won her lead in lamb class!  She is ready for the market lamb class next year.   (at Knox County Fair Grounds)
Straight from his four year old lips, “I’m like a wild man, I should have been born a hundred years ago.” Great ride all on his own tonight!   (at The Farm)
Love.  (at The Farm)
Lettuce! Freshly picked and ready for you.  (at The Farm)
Evening field check. Father, daughter, dog.  (at The Farm)