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Happy Easter! (at Mt Vernon Country Club)
Happy Easter! (at Mt Vernon Country Club)
There was a time, not so long ago, when I wore dainty shoes with heels. Now, I wear boots with traction, water proofing and guaranteed durability. I had the best experience at Buzzard Family Shoes, in downtown Loudonville this morning. A great old-fashioned full service shoe store!  They measured my feet, offered suggestions based on my work and my previously broken back, and helped me accurately fit each shoe to my foot.  I’m really happy with the Red Wing’s I chose. Here’s to making them live up to there name! Time for farming and back country adventures.  (at The Farm)
We survived the last round of cold and snow!  Although this place  can be stressful at the height of the summer, during spring it is purely refreshing.  (at The Farm)
Our bees provide a plethora of awesome. We like to make use of every last bit of honey & comb.  (at The Farm - Farmhouse )
Our medicine cabinet.  (at The Farm - Farmhouse )
Some days it’s the little things. Like a hose in the greenhouse.  (at The Farm)
Next big project! (at The Farm)
I’m at @kenyoncollege preparing to speak to a philosophy class on rural issues, why I came back to farming and how they can live an ecologically better life. Ascension Hall still makes me feel like I should be on the third floor writing a 20 page lit paper.
In the big hoop the greens are growing.  (at The Farm)